Tuesday, June 15, 2010

reading material!

some inspirational reading, via casey, on how to live awesome in a world that is all too often un-awesome. I dunno about you guys but a lot of the things these articles talk about have snagged me since graduation (especially the one about feeling guilty for taking time off work!)
seriously, read these! you'll be glad you did!

Tips and Tricks from an Art Slave

Feeling Guilty about Taking Time Off

Type 2 Procrastination

Top 10 Motivation Boosters

The Dunning-Kruger Effect



  1. weird i posted a comment yesterday...or did i? i guess not. well, point being- these were very good to read, yesterday! thanks alliee!

  2. yay!!! I'm glad you read them! I especially love the one about the Dunning-Kruger effect... it seriously explains a lot about Deviant Art. and convinced me to rethink my plan to enter a scrabble championship.

  3. Cool, thanks Allie!

    Recently I've been feeling kinda unmotivated, but at the same time a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I feel like I need to do, so these were really good reads!

  4. yay! I liked the Dunning Kruger effect too, it reminded me of this guy (what inspired my thesis project).