Sunday, May 9, 2010

The First Spark

"Without a paper, a journal of some kind, you cannot unite a community."


As the graduates of the class of 2010 walk across the stage to get their diploma's placeholder, I wonder if the inevitable diaspora that began for my own graduating class a year ago is on their minds. While we are in school a beautiful thing happens. We are brought into contact with each other without any personal effort, we exchange ideas as a requirement, and form friendships from serendipity. However, once that anchor is removed, we begin to drift away.

Welcome to Smoke Signals, the Camp Shomakoh newsletter. My hope is that this blog will serve as a way for all of us to keep the sense of community that we had in the classrooms, the studios, the bars and the campgrounds. Think of this as a digital communal studio, a place to let everyone know about new projects and opportunities, get constructive input about works in progress, and show off our finished work to people who really understand and care.

But don't let my ambitions for this blog define your own. Post whatever you want, whatever you think is inspirational, funny, cool, or so gross you can't turn away. This is a melting pot for our imaginations. Let's get cooking.

Zach Schoenbaum

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