Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some Proposals

So I have some ideas for Shomakoh.

Realisitic Ones that are going to happen

-Camping Trip
-Yart Sale (yard art sale) sometime in early july?

-Tattoos, I know Allie is down

Something for for the future
-Zine/Promo or something, with all of our art bio/contact to send out as promo to people? We can all pitch in for a nice print and then get offset because it will be in bulk! Maybe?

-Sleepover Europe edition, keep it in mind...

Thats all I got for now.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I'm interested in all of those proposals.

    Camping- Beach first?, sequoia eventually
    Yart sale- and art-trading?

    Tattoos- the idea has been growing on me since Allie first pitched it.

    Sleepover Europe- this isn't a "maybe" this is a "definitely"

  2. me too! i'm in for everything! except...i'm not sure about the tattoo yet.

  3. Can we make pennants or flags? Can someone send me the the logo? David?

    If Burlie goes overseas, we are gonna need chapter flags for sure.

    I've been supra busy, there is a moment to breathe on the horizon, we should BBQ at the beach, and ride bikes. :)

  4. Also, we could use MAGCLOUD: http://magcloud.com/help

    To do a monthly or quarterly Camp Shomakoh Zine?

  5. don't forget hot springs round 2!! I discovered a new spot also, its closer and less of a hassle than deep creek (though not as epic, for sure). we can hit up both spots this summer.