Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More places to submit/promote

Artsprojekt is sort of like Society6 meets Etsy, maybe? You can promote work, while also setting up a shop which you can put any image on shirts/hoodies/prints/skateboard decks/etc etc etc. Each item has a base price for which they produce it and then you set the markup for how much you get in return. You have to submit images to get approved, and they do hold shows and stuff.

Roguemonkworkshop Sort of like Threadless, but they also sell designs to retail outlets. If a design makes it through in voting, then the designer gets 10% of the wholesale price of each item sold.

Anyway, no idea if anyone's interested, but thought I'd pass along the word.

And since it has nothing to do with anything, here's a picture of a Corgi.

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  1. also try Blue Canvas, its a magazinie that I randomly picked up at Borders the other day and it looked pretty cool. I haven't tried it out yet, but apparently you post your portfolio up at bluecanvas.com and people vote on it, and if you get enough votes they publish your stuff in the magazine. There was some pretty nice stuff in there, didn't look like chumptown at all.
    i love corgis.