Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Search For Shomakoh Identity Begins...

Nationalism emphasizes collective identity - a 'people' must be autonomous, united, and express a single national culture.However, some nationalists stress individualism as an important part of their own national identity.National flags, national anthems, and other symbols of national identity are often considered sacred, as if they were religious rather than political symbols. Deep emotions are aroused. Gellner and Breuilly, in Nations and Nationalism, contrast nationalism and patriotism. "If the nobler word 'patriotism' then replaced 'civic/Western nationalism', nationalism as a phenomenon had ceas


  1. SO glad we have a flag now. thank you so much shannon.
    i think I like it better without the baby H on the end though? maybe? thoughts, everyone else?

  2. I like no H too. this was just a test run. :)

  3. We were discussing the H or no H this weekend, the idea being that no H makes Shomako look too Japanese.

    Personally for the flag, I like the little H, just cause there's no real consensus anyway.

    Also, yay flag!!

  4. Love it!
    But I like no H too.
    I think since he's the the originator of the Shomako story, Travis should decide!

  5. all I gotta say is, our shirts say Camp Shomako, without the H. and shirts are forever. :)

  6. this is true, travis should decide. we need to have a flag making party, like everyone bring fabric/ sewing/ screening stuff and eachh person makes a flag and then trade at the end maybe? That way no matter where we are scattered we all have a way of unifying and marking our territories.

    Also, we are planning beach bbq, bike ride, bonfire, tall boys night for shomakoers before we bounce off to the bay. mark your calendar for JUNE 26. More details to come...